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What I Believe

There are pockets of excellence in Atlanta Public Schools. My vision is to create a culture
of achievement and high expectations in each corner of the district, starting with District 3. 

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Key Issues

Get the Next Superintendent Hire Right

In the past four years, the Board of Education has let go of two superintendents that they hired ahead of schedule. It’s a revolving door that creates instability in our schools. And it’s costly for taxpayers. Right now, we are paying an interim superintendent while also paying out a settlement to their predecessor. Plus, the organization inevitably gets distracted from a laser focus on student achievement. We have to get the next hire right. And as a former superintendent himself, Ken has the knowhow to ensure we hire the right person.

Fund Schools First

In the most recent budget, the Board of Education took millions in additional tax revenue and allocated it to the central office rather than sending it to teachers and schools. This is in line with a troubling trend. The bureaucracy at the central office gets more and more bloated while our schools and teachers get short changed. We have to shift our priorities to focus more on direct investment in classrooms, and by extension direct investment in our kids.

Ensure that Every Child is a Reader

Literacy rates are at crisis levels in Atlanta Public Schools. This has disastrous long term effects on the kids we are letting down as their ability to succeed in life is greatly compromised. In APS, we pay more than $20,000 per student per year. For that kind of money, we should be able to guarantee that every child is a reader. Ken will set out to do just that.


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